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Sand casting process

Sand casting is a traditional casting process that uses sand as the main molding material to make molds.

Sand casting mainly adopts gravity casting process:

Gravity casting refers to the process in which molten metal is injected into a mold under the action of the earth's gravity, also known as casting.   Generalized

Gravity casting includes sand casting, metal casting, investment casting, clay casting, etc.   Narrow gravity casting refers to metal mold casting.

Sand molds are generally cast by gravity, and low-pressure casting, centrifugal casting and other processes can also be used when there are special requirements.   Sand casting has wide adaptability. Small and large pieces, simple and complex pieces, single pieces and large batches can be used.   Moulds used for sand casting were usually made of wood, commonly known as wood molds.   The defects of wood mould are easy to deform and damage.   In addition to single-piece sand castings, aluminum alloy molds or resin molds with higher dimensional accuracy and longer service life can be used.   Although the price has increased somewhat, it is still much cheaper than the mold used for metal mold casting, especially in the production of small batches and large pieces.   In addition, sand mold has higher refractoriness than metal mold, so materials with higher melting points such as copper alloy and ferrous metal also adopt this process.   However, sand casting also has some disadvantages: because each sand mold can only be cast once, the mold will be damaged after obtaining the casting and must be reshaped, so the production efficiency of sand casting is low;   Because the sand is soft and porous, the size precision of sand casting is low and the surface is rough.

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